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Project Overview

2020 Spring

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

In this project, I explored different media to visualize the same subject with the intend to capture its characteristics. 

I chose the smooth-coated otter, which is an endangered animal in my country because of habitat loss and water polution.

Smooth-coated otters are friendly, energtic, and fun! I hope I could show these characteristics with the use of form, gesture, and movement.

Part I: Sculpture

In the firts part of the project, I observed the form and structure of the smooth-coated otter, identified similar forms in plastic containers, and built a plastic sculpture of the animal that can perform several characteristic motion.

Final Sculpture

Part II:

In the second part, I created three different illustrations, each containning only 7 colors and indicates what factors caused the smooth-coated otter to be endangered.

Part III

Lastly, I made a animation in After Effect using cut-out paper. In the process of animating the paper model, I considered elements including showing movement, characteristic, habitat, perspective, and a sense of humor.

Final Animation