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Project Overview

Fall 2020

Javascript (p5.js)
Interactive design
Information visualization
Generative art

The works shown here were from the class 15-104: Introduction to Computing for Creative Practice. Throughout the course, I learned to use code, specifically p5.js, as my media to creative cool visuals and fun interactions. 

Educational Game for Combating Covid-19

This project was inspired by the biggest theme of the year 2020-2022—COVID-19. It is an invisible enemy that humanities struggled to fight against. The world seems to be losing the war on COVID-19, but it did not have to be this way. If people are more aware of how they could be infected by the virus, and understand how to protect themselves, then the pandemic would be more under control. 

Dynamic Drawing

Do you want to try creating a dynamic drawing that changes along with your mouse movement? Try the code here

Computational Portrait

I created a generative portrait of myself by the beach. I want to express the feeling of the breeze through the moving waves made of pixels.

Interactive Pattern Using Curves

I was inspired by the romantic story of Descartes, so I created this interactive heart shape using the heart curve equation. Try the code here

Variable Faces

Generative face art with three aspects of variability.